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Volunteers are needed in Boca this weekend   Leave a comment

Volunteers are needed in Boca this weekend for the Wyland Living Green Fair. Here’s an opportunity to collaborate with Wyland personally…. join us. Contact Missy at

We would also like to thank Dr. John Marr of the Perry Institute for Marine Science for addressing Oil Spill damages and future risks of the BP Spill.

Addressing Oil Spill impacts

And what a Great Time was had at the PGA Nationals Blue Friends Awards Luncheon where we were recognized as an Ocean Ambassador finalist for 2010. Congratulations to Captain Don Voss of the Marine Cleanup Initiative.

-coin a phrase-

“No greater compliment or honor can be bestowed upon an Organization or Individual than to be Celebrated and Recognized by it’s Peers and Mentors.”- Thanks for following us.

William Djubin


Florida Dive Industry reaction to Oil Spill; Video   2 comments

Help us to save this valuable resource.

“The video was not made for you; it was created for species that can not speak for themselves”. 

quote from Crew member of Catch Clean Cook TV,  Ocean Rehab volunteer, videographer and activist- Mr. David Desrochers II.

David-  you spoke a trillion words.

Ocean Rehab volunteer methodology for Gulf Oil preparation   Leave a comment

Practicing the methodology on Mangroves

proper seagrass inventory transect

proper seagrasses inventory transect

Ocean Rehab volunteer methodology for Gulf Oil Spill preparation:

(Inventory the shoreline and shallow water habitat with GPS, Transect, and digital photography / videography.)

We were busy in the Keys this past weekend, great job to all that helped with the surveys for Baseline Data at Pennekamp and Florida Bay Key Largo. Thank you Pennekamp and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for the permissions and quick permits to do our work.

Pre-oil spill survey pics from Key Largo May 8th; Ocean Rehab

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

This area is a World Heritage Site, and a Florida Heritage Site.

If you live in the Keys you can download a GPS Locator app to your phone, purchase a 300ft transect measuring tape from a hardware store, pic up a camera and start your inventory. Mangroves, Seagrasses and Coral. (*your property only however unless you have a permit from the FKNMS)

The 2010 Florida Reef Project will have an interactive map for current reef health status.   Leave a comment

A great News video by Reef Check Australia demonstrates how their interactive map will keep citizens informed of current Reef Research and local reef information on the Great Barrier Reef.
(video link here)

Puerto Rico Brain coral by Ocean Rehab

Puerto Rico Brain coral by Ocean Rehab

The 2010 Florida Reef Project will also have an interactive map for current reef health status. The map is broken down to 5 counties Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade and Monroe.
Each of these county maps will have Red Markers or Green Markers to notate whether the site has been surveyed. If a reef site has been surveyed, and a health assessment is available the Green marker will host a re-direct to the Reef Check database where anyone can access the information.
Watch us grow and perform in Florida in 2010.
Thanks to everyone for following us on FaceBook. 


William Djubin

President Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

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A health checkup for Florida Reefs in 2010   3 comments

A health checkup for Florida Reefs in 2010

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. has launched it’s BETA website

an algae dominated reef

an algae dominated reef

We are entering this galaxy of challenges by “Thinking globally and acting locally.”

Introducing the 2010 Florida Reef Project. 

1st mission of Ocean Rehab Initiative is to establish a scientific baseline for coral reef eco-system health of the Southeast Florida reef tract utilizing the globally respected and transferable methodologies established by the Reef Check Foundation.

Florida divers should contact us to participate in the project. 

addressing Florida Divers in 2009   Leave a comment

Cato's bridge Jupiter Island

Cato's bridge Jupiter Island

This Thursday night, March 5th 2009

 during the Jupiter Drift Diver Club meeting :
Dr. John Marr, the Director of the Perry Institute for Marine Science and the Caribbean Marine Research Center located on Lee Stocking Island will discuss the Oceans and Policy.
The meeting is free to attend please make the trip and join us.

The meeting starts at 7pm.

EarthRehab will have information regarding Coral Reef Monitoring and Reef Check available, just ask me… William.

Perry Institute for Marine Science
Jupiter Drift Divers

Florida Divers welcome Reef Check   Leave a comment

The time for Reef Check Florida is now, surveys will be conducted in the very near future.   

My dive computer say's its hot..

My dive computer say's its hot..


If you are a Florida Diver, you should get involved from the very beginning and help us to launch this conservation effort in Florida.Reef Check utilizes an indicator species methodology to check for reef and ocean health. 

This week will mark to first official training of Florida Diver’s for the Reef Check Tropical Diver certification.


EarthRehab will become certified as a tropical eco-diver and I would like for you to join in the fun. Who is involved with the training?

Dr. Alex Brylske of Pro Dive

Dr. Gregor Hodgson of Reef Check

These two very well respected scientific divers will conduct the training at the Pro Dive offices in Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

To get involved with Reef Check and Florida Surveys contact William at

To sign up right now for Eco-diver Certification contact Genevieve Sparg at Pro Dive USA.