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Ocean Rehab Initiative “Blues Letter” August 2011   Leave a comment

Ocean Rehab Initiative Newsletter, the Bluesletter: Click to Enlarge & Enjoy.


Ocean Rehab Initiative; a volunteer Coral Reef Initiative for South Florida news.   Leave a comment

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. CBS12 News Story.
Baseline Data Collection, Florida Reef Eco-system, Ocean Rehab Initiative, Reef Check Foundation.
We survey for Biomass of Fishes, Invertebrates and Coral- we also estimate health and damages to Reef Eco-systems including Disease and Bleaching.
Ocean Rehab is currently looking for Charter Sponsors to facilitate this project. Contact Mike Readling for Information on how you can help us “Protect Florida’s Reefs and Lifestyles”
Many thanks to Nikole Ordway, Valerie Gaynor, Nathalie Zenny, David Desrocher, Captain Don Voss, Ariane Demitris, CBS Videographers and Producers and the Crew of the Deep Obsession.
This video explains WHAT Ocean Rehab is doing with Reef Check Foundation and Diver Volunteers in South Florida.
Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. is a Coral Reef Initiative in South East Florida.
Enjoy the Video of the Survey. visit us a
link to Video News Story below…

"Fish Bowl" parrotfishes on Flower Gardens Reef; July 2010

Reefs at Risk, Revisited. A coral reef health report and update PDF.   Leave a comment

Reefs at Risk, Revisited by WRI.

“As anyone who has spent time around the ocean knows—whether diving, conducting research, or fishing—coral reefs are among the world’s greatest sources of beauty and wonder. Home to over 4,000 species of fish and 800 types of coral, reefs offer an amazing panorama of underwater life. Coral reefs supply a wide range of important benefits to communities around the world. From the fisherman in Indonesia or Tanzania who relies on local fish to feed his family, to the scientist in Panama who investigates the medicinal potential of reefrelated compounds, reefs provide jobs, livelihoods, food, shelter, and protection for coastal communities and the shorelines along which they live. Unfortunately, reefs today are facing multiple threats from many directions. 2010 was one of the warmest years on record, causing widespread damage to coral reefs. Warmer oceans lead to coral bleaching, which is becoming increasingly frequent around the globe—leaving reefs, fish, and the communities who depend on these resources at great risk. No one yet knows what the long-term impacts of this bleaching will be. But, if the ocean’s waters keep warming, the outlook is grim.”

Paula Caro Bravo (Lady Blue); a scientific caribbean diver   Leave a comment

Paula Caro Bravo (Lady Blue); a scientific caribbean diver and Board Director for Ocean Rehab Initiative.

Paula Caro Bravo (Lady Blue) of Ocean Rehab Initiative

Paula Caro Bravo (Lady Blue) of Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Ocean Rehab Initiative new Screen Saver   Leave a comment

Ocean Rehab Initiative new Screen Saver

Bubbles up and Diver Down

Bubbles up and Diver Down

Press Release: Citizen scientists and a Coral Reef Initiative for Florida   Leave a comment

Press Release for Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. a Florida and Palm Beach County based Public Charity 501(c)(3)  Non-profit will train and certify recreational divers to become “citizen scientists” utilizing local donations and grants.

Our first Reef Check volunteer diver course will train 9 citizen scientists to survey reefs and reef health for Palm Beach County starting on Monday and concluding with certification and graduation on Wednesday.

We will have 2 classroom sessions held at the Village of Tequesta Recreation Center followed by 2 Dives in Palm Beach County from Lake Park Marina.

Reef Check is the world’s largest volunteer coral reef monitoring community with over 150 countries participating and we are proud to have them back.

Reef Check has previously been successful in obtaining globally respected and recognized baseline data in Florida, specific to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in 1997. Follow the link to get the FKNMS/NOAA summary.

We invite you to join us for the Classroom session or the Dive.

This is a monumental step towards protecting Florida’s Reefs and Lifestyle.

Ocean Rehab can also provide underwater video of the reef survey for your story if you like.

Please Contact William Djubin at 561-308-8848 or for any inquiries.


William Djubin

President Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

301 Clematis Street Suite 3000

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Ocean Rehab is now on Facebook Causes   Leave a comment

Facebook Causes Link

Facebook Causes Link for Ocean Rehab

Ocean Rehab is now on Facebook Causes

Please join our Causes Group as a member on Facebook Causes