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-the Voices of Pennekamp conservation video.   Leave a comment

The “Voices of Pennekamp”  an appropriate named title for the 50th anniversary celebration of John Pennekamp State Park, Florida Keys.

John Pennekamp Park is the first protected Marine Park in the USA.

Dr. Sylvia Earle PhD., “her deepness”, was the Key Note Speaker, video also includes captions from Dr. Brian Lapointe of Harbor Branch Oceanographic. Enjoy.

Great job again Lady Blue, Paula Caro Bravo! and welcome aboard.!


the Voices of John Pennekamp’s 50th Anniversary   Leave a comment

prelude to a great video.

Photo of the NOW, the future and the Mentor (Dr. Sylvia Earle)

Ambassadors Paula, Lilly and Sylvia Earle

Ambassadors Paula, Lilly and Sylvia Earle

Ocean Rehab volunteer methodology for Gulf Oil preparation   Leave a comment

Practicing the methodology on Mangroves

proper seagrass inventory transect

proper seagrasses inventory transect

Ocean Rehab volunteer methodology for Gulf Oil Spill preparation:

(Inventory the shoreline and shallow water habitat with GPS, Transect, and digital photography / videography.)

We were busy in the Keys this past weekend, great job to all that helped with the surveys for Baseline Data at Pennekamp and Florida Bay Key Largo. Thank you Pennekamp and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for the permissions and quick permits to do our work.

Pre-oil spill survey pics from Key Largo May 8th; Ocean Rehab

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

This area is a World Heritage Site, and a Florida Heritage Site.

If you live in the Keys you can download a GPS Locator app to your phone, purchase a 300ft transect measuring tape from a hardware store, pic up a camera and start your inventory. Mangroves, Seagrasses and Coral. (*your property only however unless you have a permit from the FKNMS)