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 Ocean Rehab was organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes to promote and facilitate collaborative work between citizens, ocean scientists, federal/state and local governments, environmental organizations, academic organizations and others in order to improve the well being of ocean ecosystems through scientific research, education and public awareness relevant to understanding ocean reef ecosystems.

Ocean Rehab Digital Banner 728 × 90

Ocean Rehab Digital Banner 728 × 90


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Divers experience Cold Water upwelling in Florida; Video

Nowadays anything can cause an alarm on the SE Florida Reef System with Oil Spill Damages impending, but these divers never expected to see Reef Fishes strugling to breath, Eutrophication? No. as Dr. Phipps of the OR Scientific Advisory Board, and local Reef PBC Expert explains:


Apparently our “annual July upwelling” occurred this weekend. I was diving in Boca on Saturday and fortunately did not experience those temperatures!  As to the fish…they were cold shocked. These upwellings can occur fairly rapidly. Yes, upwelling water is nutrient is not eutrophied.  Also, the cold water of upwellings can often hold higher levels of oxygen than warmer waters.  The video showed cold shocked parrotfish…there was probably a really cold diver behind the camera, too! JP 

Janet J. Phipps, Ph.D.

Coral Reef Ecologist 

Dept. Environmental Resources Management

2300 North Jog Road, 4th Floor

West Palm Beach, FL 33411-2743

Office TN:  561.233.2513

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Ocean Rehab’s #1 Responder Award for the Gulf Oil Event:


Dwan Saves Wildlife poster and image

-Our choice for the Award is DAWN ; of “Dawn Saves Wildlife“, I can not image these days without Dawn.
Thanks Dawn.
Everyday Wildlife Champions | Facebook

Awesome work and passion.

Responder Award for Gulf Oil Event, July 2010   Leave a comment

Ocean Rehab’s #1 Responder Award for the Gulf Oil Event:

Dawn Saves Wildlife Poster

"Dawn Saves Wildlife" Poster and Image

 -Our choice for the Award is DAWN ; of “Dawn Saves Wildlife”, I can not image these days without Dawn. Thanks Dawn.

Awesome work and passion, Wow.

June 2010 Reef Check Transect, Oil Spill update   Leave a comment


Top story for our Efforts, Thanks Reef Check..!! also the Anna Villalonga story about a young girl and her mission to save the Oceans. Thanks again ANNA.. The video which matches the Florida Oil Spill story is here:

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Sunday-Oil Spill Habitat surveys for Martin County Reefs on tap with Ocean Rehab.

Ocean Rehab oil spill habitat surveys; Breakers Reef

This weekend we will Disaster Habitat Survey Martin County Reef Ecosystems, this is the ongoing Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc pre oil spill Habitat Surveys for Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

Ocean Rehab has Surveyed Reefs and Wetlands in the Following Counties: Monroe County, Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County, Indian River County

-Brevard County is to follow Martin County surveys, stay informed and volunteer for this great event.

Martin County Site locations for Surveys on Sunday:

Bull Shark Barge 27° 08.233’ 80° 07.344’ – 45ft. water
 35 2.0 nm 
George’s Valentine (House of Refuge) 27° 11.880’ 80° 09.800’ –
18 ft. water -9 2.3 nm 
Shrimper Boat (Wreck) 27° 08.559’ 80° 04.541’-  50 ft. water 40 3.7 nm 

After choosing which Artificial Reef we will dive in South County (listed above), we will conclude the surveys with Nearshore Shallow Reef transects of these reefs. 

There are three Nearshore Reef sites that are in about 16 to 22 feet of water and are about 1000 feet from the shoreline.  These sites are the best for snorkeling because they are in shallow water.
The near shore reefs are popular for both fishing and snorkeling and have an abundance of fish including Goliath Grouper, Stingrays, Snook, and bait fish.
Nearshore Reef A is 900 feet from shore just south of the public beach in Jensen Beach.  Nearshore Reef A is located at:  Latitude N 27° 14.412’ Longitude W 80° 11.098
Nearshore Reef B is 1000 feet east of the Tiger Shores beach access area.
Nearshore Reef B is located at: Latitude N 27° 13.533’ Longitude W 80° 11.098 80° 10.647’
Nearshore Reef C is just south of Nearshore Reef B. It is the largest of the three Nearshore Reef C and has the most marine life of the three near shore reefs. 

Please visit Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. and support our efforts to inventory Florida Critical Habitat before the Oil Spill damages this ecosystem.  Thank You..!!!!

Florida Oil Spill Habitat survey video of Reef   Leave a comment

Florida Oil Spill Habitat survey video of Reef by Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Oil Spill underwater survey video in Florida June 2010, precautionary measures being taken to protect Florida’s treasures.