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-the Voices of Pennekamp conservation video.   Leave a comment

The “Voices of Pennekamp”  an appropriate named title for the 50th anniversary celebration of John Pennekamp State Park, Florida Keys.

John Pennekamp Park is the first protected Marine Park in the USA.

Dr. Sylvia Earle PhD., “her deepness”, was the Key Note Speaker, video also includes captions from Dr. Brian Lapointe of Harbor Branch Oceanographic. Enjoy.

Great job again Lady Blue, Paula Caro Bravo! and welcome aboard.!


Please sign our Clean Water Act petition for Florida.   Leave a comment

We decided that we needed to re-instate our On-line petition for Clean Water Act in Florida.

Fragile species on Florida's Reefs.

Just too much at stake these days in Florida. (like oil spills and accountability) Petition Site Link  <<<<<

Quote the petition as it appears: ”

  • Target: Florida Citizens, Tourism Industry, Florida Economy, Coral Reef, Divers, Fishermen, Coastal Citizen
  • Sponsored by: Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc,

Cleaner water for Florida is what we are after: now is the time to protect of health and future of Florida. With 27 known species of Harmful Algae, 7 of which are toxic/ yes deadly and have occurancy levels of 30% in certain non-turbid estuary locations and wetlands. Our States Economy is at stake here, starting with the Tourism Industry (Divers, Fishermen, Charters, Hotels, Theme Parks, Attractions, you name it.)
Please tell us its important to you that citizens have the right to the Clean Water Act in Florida.

After this past Election it seems uncertain for Florida’s Waters future. It was recently announced that Pam Bondi, DEP Michael Sole and the New Secretary of Agriculture Scott Putnam are in a lawsuit to sue the EPA for mandating that citizens have Clean Water assessability in Florida.Obviously we need a lot of signatures….! 🙂

William Djubin
President of Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Volunteers are needed in Boca this weekend   Leave a comment

Volunteers are needed in Boca this weekend for the Wyland Living Green Fair. Here’s an opportunity to collaborate with Wyland personally…. join us. Contact Missy at

We would also like to thank Dr. John Marr of the Perry Institute for Marine Science for addressing Oil Spill damages and future risks of the BP Spill.

Addressing Oil Spill impacts

And what a Great Time was had at the PGA Nationals Blue Friends Awards Luncheon where we were recognized as an Ocean Ambassador finalist for 2010. Congratulations to Captain Don Voss of the Marine Cleanup Initiative.

-coin a phrase-

“No greater compliment or honor can be bestowed upon an Organization or Individual than to be Celebrated and Recognized by it’s Peers and Mentors.”- Thanks for following us.

William Djubin

2010 International Coastal Cleanup event in Jupiter   Leave a comment

Ocean Conservancy 2010 International Coastal Cleanup event in Jupiter.

The Flyer is attached and download capable just click the link below:

Coral Cover Park Flyer 2010 International Coastal Cleanup

Florida Dive Industry reaction to Oil Spill; Video   2 comments

Help us to save this valuable resource.

“The video was not made for you; it was created for species that can not speak for themselves”. 

quote from Crew member of Catch Clean Cook TV,  Ocean Rehab volunteer, videographer and activist- Mr. David Desrochers II.

David-  you spoke a trillion words.

Oil Spill Habitat surveys for Martin County Reefs   Leave a comment

Sunday-Oil Spill Habitat surveys for Martin County Reefs on tap with Ocean Rehab.

Ocean Rehab oil spill habitat surveys; Breakers Reef

This weekend we will Disaster Habitat Survey Martin County Reef Ecosystems, this is the ongoing Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc pre oil spill Habitat Surveys for Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

Ocean Rehab has Surveyed Reefs and Wetlands in the Following Counties: Monroe County, Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County, Indian River County

-Brevard County is to follow Martin County surveys, stay informed and volunteer for this great event.

Martin County Site locations for Surveys on Sunday:

Bull Shark Barge 27° 08.233’ 80° 07.344’ – 45ft. water
 35 2.0 nm 
George’s Valentine (House of Refuge) 27° 11.880’ 80° 09.800’ –
18 ft. water -9 2.3 nm 
Shrimper Boat (Wreck) 27° 08.559’ 80° 04.541’-  50 ft. water 40 3.7 nm 

After choosing which Artificial Reef we will dive in South County (listed above), we will conclude the surveys with Nearshore Shallow Reef transects of these reefs. 

There are three Nearshore Reef sites that are in about 16 to 22 feet of water and are about 1000 feet from the shoreline.  These sites are the best for snorkeling because they are in shallow water.
The near shore reefs are popular for both fishing and snorkeling and have an abundance of fish including Goliath Grouper, Stingrays, Snook, and bait fish.
Nearshore Reef A is 900 feet from shore just south of the public beach in Jensen Beach.  Nearshore Reef A is located at:  Latitude N 27° 14.412’ Longitude W 80° 11.098
Nearshore Reef B is 1000 feet east of the Tiger Shores beach access area.
Nearshore Reef B is located at: Latitude N 27° 13.533’ Longitude W 80° 11.098 80° 10.647’
Nearshore Reef C is just south of Nearshore Reef B. It is the largest of the three Nearshore Reef C and has the most marine life of the three near shore reefs. 

Please visit Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. and support our efforts to inventory Florida Critical Habitat before the Oil Spill damages this ecosystem.  Thank You..!!!!

Florida Water (CWA) and Reefs 2010 report   Leave a comment

Florida Water (CWA) and Reefs 2010 report

Latest on Florida Water Quality “CWA” (Clean Water Act not until October 2011)

Ocean Rehab Banner

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

-and Florida Reef Monitoring protocol from Janet Klemm, DEP/NOAA and a friend of Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Numeric Nutrient Criteria Florida CWA and EPA
It’s in PDF/PowerPoint format: Thanks for Viewing.