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Earth Month photo contest: Island Fest sunset pics from 2011   Leave a comment

Earth Month photo contest: (subject) Island Fest sunset pics from 2011.

Submit your pics today…

You could win 2 Task Force T-shirts and a Dive in the Florida Keys, Submit your pics today on Facebook Ocean Rehab.

Here are my entries:

Marker 88.1 Florida Keys Sunset; William's pic 01

Marker 88.1 Florida Keys Sunset; William's pic 01

Marker 88.1 Florida Keys Sunset; William's pic 2

Marker 88.1 Florida Keys Sunset; William's pic 2

Marker 88.1 Florida Keys Sunset; William's pic 3

Marker 88.1 Florida Keys Sunset; William's pic 3

How did I do??? actually Alice of Ocean Rehab shot these pics.


-the Voices of Pennekamp conservation video.   Leave a comment

The “Voices of Pennekamp”  an appropriate named title for the 50th anniversary celebration of John Pennekamp State Park, Florida Keys.

John Pennekamp Park is the first protected Marine Park in the USA.

Dr. Sylvia Earle PhD., “her deepness”, was the Key Note Speaker, video also includes captions from Dr. Brian Lapointe of Harbor Branch Oceanographic. Enjoy.

Great job again Lady Blue, Paula Caro Bravo! and welcome aboard.!

Please sign our Clean Water Act petition for Florida.   Leave a comment

We decided that we needed to re-instate our On-line petition for Clean Water Act in Florida.

Fragile species on Florida's Reefs.

Just too much at stake these days in Florida. (like oil spills and accountability) Petition Site Link  <<<<<

Quote the petition as it appears: ”

  • Target: Florida Citizens, Tourism Industry, Florida Economy, Coral Reef, Divers, Fishermen, Coastal Citizen
  • Sponsored by: Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc,

Cleaner water for Florida is what we are after: now is the time to protect of health and future of Florida. With 27 known species of Harmful Algae, 7 of which are toxic/ yes deadly and have occurancy levels of 30% in certain non-turbid estuary locations and wetlands. Our States Economy is at stake here, starting with the Tourism Industry (Divers, Fishermen, Charters, Hotels, Theme Parks, Attractions, you name it.)
Please tell us its important to you that citizens have the right to the Clean Water Act in Florida.

After this past Election it seems uncertain for Florida’s Waters future. It was recently announced that Pam Bondi, DEP Michael Sole and the New Secretary of Agriculture Scott Putnam are in a lawsuit to sue the EPA for mandating that citizens have Clean Water assessability in Florida.Obviously we need a lot of signatures….! 🙂

William Djubin
President of Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Call to Action: pre-oil spill surveys   2 comments

Ocean Rehab volunteer methodology for Gulf Oil preparation   Leave a comment

Practicing the methodology on Mangroves

proper seagrass inventory transect

proper seagrasses inventory transect

Ocean Rehab volunteer methodology for Gulf Oil Spill preparation:

(Inventory the shoreline and shallow water habitat with GPS, Transect, and digital photography / videography.)

We were busy in the Keys this past weekend, great job to all that helped with the surveys for Baseline Data at Pennekamp and Florida Bay Key Largo. Thank you Pennekamp and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for the permissions and quick permits to do our work.

Pre-oil spill survey pics from Key Largo May 8th; Ocean Rehab

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

This area is a World Heritage Site, and a Florida Heritage Site.

If you live in the Keys you can download a GPS Locator app to your phone, purchase a 300ft transect measuring tape from a hardware store, pic up a camera and start your inventory. Mangroves, Seagrasses and Coral. (*your property only however unless you have a permit from the FKNMS)

Ocean Rehab responds for FL. Keys Oil damages   Leave a comment

For Immediate Release                             Press CONTACT:  Morna McGann

                                                                      561-630-6457   561-762-2676

 Ocean Rehab Initiative, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization located in West Palm Beach FL is planning a Reef Check Project in the Florida Keys in conjunction with the 2010 Florida Reef Project. 

In response to the current emergency caused by the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf which is projected to hit the Florida Straits this week and then the Keys Ocean Rehab is expecting over 500 divers and snorkelers to help document the current marine life, corals, mangroves and ocean visibility prior to the effects of oil damages. 

The divers will meet Saturday May 8, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at the Marine Mammal Conservancy located in Key Largo at 102200 Overseas Highway. The divers will be taking scientific readings and  video footage/photography of the coral reefs and surrounding mangrove and grassy areas. 

The Ocean Rehab Initiative, Inc. was founded by William Djubin in 2009 who envisioned the need for baseline documentation of our fragile coastal ecosystem. Florida is the only state in the continental United States to have extensive shallow coral reef formations near its coasts. A globally respected and scientifically transferable baseline for this ecosystem’s health does not currently exist.  According to Mr. Djubin,” With the impending damages cause by this oil spill we have simply stepped up our efforts and timeline to meet the current emergency.  This just gives us more of a reason and substantiates the necessity of this project.” During the 2010 Florida Reef Project we (Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.) will collaborate efforts with Academia, Science, and Volunteers to establish a scientific baseline for the entire SE Florida Reef tract utilizing California’s Reef Check Caribbean methodologies.


For Information on this event and

Ocean Rehab Initiative contact:  William Djubin 561-308-8848 or