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ASE: Foreverglades Day 2011, join Ocean Rehab   Leave a comment

Audubon Society of the Everglades: “Foreverglades” Day 2011 on February 12, 2011 at Arthur Marshall Wildlife.

— join Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. for this amazing Event.

Everglades Day 2010 (Click to Enlarge)

This is one of our favorite events to Expo for Florida.

Some of the waters that affect our precious Florida Coral Reefs travel threw the Everglades and discharge into Florida Bay. The consequence can be catastrophic for marine life if not properly managed. (Enough with the bad news!!.. Everyone here wants to protect Florida and loves the Florida Lifestyle.)

ASE Everglades Day is more of a celebration of activism and conservation and it’s your opportunity to Celebrate with Us. So join us won’t you?


-the Voices of Pennekamp conservation video.   Leave a comment

The “Voices of Pennekamp”  an appropriate named title for the 50th anniversary celebration of John Pennekamp State Park, Florida Keys.

John Pennekamp Park is the first protected Marine Park in the USA.

Dr. Sylvia Earle PhD., “her deepness”, was the Key Note Speaker, video also includes captions from Dr. Brian Lapointe of Harbor Branch Oceanographic. Enjoy.

Great job again Lady Blue, Paula Caro Bravo! and welcome aboard.!

January 2011 Newsletter; Ocean Rehab   Leave a comment

We hope that you like the new look of our Ocean Rehab Blog. We think the Blue is great.

Join us this Everglades Day, February 12th hosted by Audubon Society of Everglades at Arthur Marshall Wildlife. A not to miss event..

January 2011 Ocean Rehab Initiative Newsletter.


Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. is pleased to announce that Mike Readling and Paula Caro Bravo have joined the Ocean Rehab Board. Each of these individuals has extreme talent and have orchestrated their passion’s for our mission.

Mike Readling is the new Community Outreach Coordinator; he will be handling the Grant Writing Department, including funding opportunities, collaborations and partnerships. His writing is truly inspiring: We have RFP’ed 3 grants already and 2 more are in the works.

A sample of Mikes Writing: “We believe that protecting our reefs means protecting our waters and, therefore, protecting our investment in Florida. It is an investment on which none of us can afford to take a loss.” well said.

Paula Caro Bravo/ Lady Blue is heading up the Mass Media and Global Oceanic Journalism Department. And yes, you have already been watching her Video Posts on Facebook.. We will soon be uploading the footage from 50th Anniversary of Pennekamp with Sylvia Earle Video.. watch for it.

What a victory!! You can learn more Mike and Paula on our “About Us” page, which is now updated with the current list of Charter Sponsors, the Board, and Video’s.

The Ocean Rehab “Task Force” diver T-shirt will soon be available. This T-shirt is 100% Cotton, Tag-less and long sleeve for comfort on the ride back to dock. Looks great too.

Finally, we are all very happy that our friend Jim Abernethy was not seriously injured by a Shark Attack which happened earlier this week; whew.! Jims passion for sharks and educating the World that sharks are awesome is un matched and we implore you to learn more about his work. Look for his Video to be aired later in the Year. 

Please sign our Clean Water Act petition for Florida.   Leave a comment

We decided that we needed to re-instate our On-line petition for Clean Water Act in Florida.

Fragile species on Florida's Reefs.

Just too much at stake these days in Florida. (like oil spills and accountability) Petition Site Link  <<<<<

Quote the petition as it appears: ”

  • Target: Florida Citizens, Tourism Industry, Florida Economy, Coral Reef, Divers, Fishermen, Coastal Citizen
  • Sponsored by: Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc,

Cleaner water for Florida is what we are after: now is the time to protect of health and future of Florida. With 27 known species of Harmful Algae, 7 of which are toxic/ yes deadly and have occurancy levels of 30% in certain non-turbid estuary locations and wetlands. Our States Economy is at stake here, starting with the Tourism Industry (Divers, Fishermen, Charters, Hotels, Theme Parks, Attractions, you name it.)
Please tell us its important to you that citizens have the right to the Clean Water Act in Florida.

After this past Election it seems uncertain for Florida’s Waters future. It was recently announced that Pam Bondi, DEP Michael Sole and the New Secretary of Agriculture Scott Putnam are in a lawsuit to sue the EPA for mandating that citizens have Clean Water assessability in Florida.Obviously we need a lot of signatures….! 🙂

William Djubin
President of Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

Ocean Rehab October 2010 Newsletter   Leave a comment

Ocean Rehab Hyperlink

Ocean Rehab October 2010 Calendar

October 13th 7-9pm Jupiter High Auditorium 

Taras Oceanographic Foundation

Meet the Scientists Lecture Series sponsored and organized by Taras Oceanographic Foundation. Join Ocean Rehab on October 11th at the JHS Auditorium and meet 2 Ocean Rehab Initiative Scientific Advisory Board members. Answering the tough questions regarding the BP Oil Spill Event, which includes Speakers Dr. John Marr of The Perry Institute for Marine Science and Dr. Brian Lapointe of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. A do not miss event..

“We begin this season on October 13, with a panel discussion on The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its Impact on the Marine Ecosystems in South Florida. The panelists include Brian LaPointe, Ph.D., of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, John Marr, Ph.D. of Perry Institute for Marine Science, and Daniel Bates of the Department of Environmental Resources Management in Palm Beach County. Dr. Stefan Harzen will moderate the discussion.

The panelists will deliver a 20-25 minute presentation, followed by open discussions between the panelists and the audience.

All events are free and open to the public, and will be held from 7 to 9 pm at the auditorium of Jupiter High School at 500 North Military Trail in Jupiter.”

 October 22nd Blue Friends Awards Ceremony at PGA National

Awards Event Poster for Ocean Conservation

 Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. is a finalist for the 2010 Ocean Ambassador Award for protecting the South East Florida Reef System with volunteers. (Fingers crossed).

October 23rd Legacy Place in Palm Beach Gardens 

Wyland Mobile Learning Center at ICRS

The Wyland Mobile Learning Center is visiting Palm Beach Gardens, plan to join us there or visit the Wyland MLC at these locations:

The Mobile Center is part of the Wyland Foundation and Wyland’s Clean Water Challenge, and educates the public in a fun, entertaining way with a 40-person movie theater, a running river, video microscopes, and a watershed exhibit with actual rainfall. As children enter the Wyland Mobile Learning Center, they are recruited to become “Clean Water Challenge Agents,” and begin their training and are put to task.  They are asked to solve mysterious disturbances in the health of the nation’s water habitats, with exhibits focusing on lake regions, river management estuaries and ocean runoff.  The participate in hands-on activities like bringing rain down over a polluted city to see the impact it has on a watershed, diverting a flowing river to learn about water management, and using a computer model to see changes in a lake region over 200 years.” (

Finally, enjoy Paula Caro’s video regarding the BP Oil Event, great music, and unbelievable passion for the Ocean. Thanks Paula, great videography including Species of Concern.

Hope too see you..



#1 Responder Award for Gulf Oil Event presentation.   Leave a comment

Ocean Rehab’s #1 Responder Award for the Gulf Oil Event:


Dwan Saves Wildlife poster and image

-Our choice for the Award is DAWN ; of “Dawn Saves Wildlife“, I can not image these days without Dawn.
Thanks Dawn.
Everyday Wildlife Champions | Facebook

Awesome work and passion.

Florida Dive Industry reaction to Oil Spill; Video   2 comments

Help us to save this valuable resource.

“The video was not made for you; it was created for species that can not speak for themselves”. 

quote from Crew member of Catch Clean Cook TV,  Ocean Rehab volunteer, videographer and activist- Mr. David Desrochers II.

David-  you spoke a trillion words.