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Why we chose the other Sea Turtle photo?   Leave a comment

Why we chose the other Sea Turtle photo?

Sea Turtle pic from Hawaii

Green Sea Turtle off Oahu North Coast near Napali pic

That’s simple, She wasn’t lookin’ at you…like this photo.

The Winner is, the same Sea Turtle:    Photo     on our Front Page, congratulations..!!!


S. Florida reefs under pressure; Oil Spill   Leave a comment

Jupiter Coral Cove pics

What is presumed is 75+% of the SE Florida Reef tract is stressed/impaired(dying) or showing hypoxic symptoms already. Now, this fragile eco-system may get affected by the Louisiana Gulf Oil (BP) explosion and collapsed leaking oil platform and drill.
-let’s all pray that doesn’t come to fruition.
Reef Rescue reports

“A blazing oil rig that was shaken by an explosion earlier this week sank in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday. The blast caused an initial spill and officials said there appeared to be no further leaks. However, on Saturday a Coast Guard commander said up to 1,000 barrels of oil a day were leaking at the site.

Rear Adm. Mary Landry said at a news conference “the leak was discovered Saturday; this is a very serious spill.” It was unclear how the leak in the well would be plugged; she said the well is leaking from the seabed, 5,000 feet below the gulf’s surface.

”Everything that goes into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and comes out will pass through the Florida Keys, and that’s a fact,” said Paul Johnson, a Reef Relief policy advisor who has studied Gulf oil spills.

Should the oil become entrained in the Florida Loop Current it could be transported along the Florida Reef Tract, through the Keys and to Florida’s east coast.

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Raised the Green Diver flag for EarthDay 2010.   Leave a comment

Jupiter Florida’s Scuba Works raised the Green and White striped diver flag for Coral Reef Conservation today, Earthday.

2010 Florida Reef Project green diver flag

IMG_2010; thats the #on my camera. unbelievable

This is also to signify that Scuba Work’s is a training facility for the 2010 Florida Reef Project. (Great venue and divers).

Congratulations Oceans and Reefs, volunteer recreational divers will soon help monitor “your health” in Florida. 

William of Ocean Rehab Initiative

2010 Florida Reef Project; Addressing Divers   Leave a comment

2010 Florida Reef Project; Addressing Florida Divers.

2010 Florida Reef Project

2010 Florida Reef Project poster

This is the first official meeting with many more to follow, hope to see you there.

When: May 6th at 7:00PM.

Where:  Jupiter Fire House Community Room, Loxahatchee Nature Center


What: Jupiter Drift Divers monthly meeting

Who: William Djubin is the President of Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc a 501(c)3 Florida registered non-profit organization.

He will explain the 2010 Florida Reef Project to the Drift Divers and explain the reasons for the urgency to get a Scientific Baseline for the SE Florida Reef tract this year.

We will also discuss pollution, development, harmful algae blooms and other coral reef stressors.

The public is invited to this event. Mark your calendars…