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The 2010 Florida Reef Project   Leave a comment

Addressing Florida Divers:

Crist of the Abyss Keys1

Crist of the Abyss Keys1

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. invites you to join us in 2010 for the Florida Reef Project. Divers will be trained and certified to assist science with Coral Reef Conservation surveys. Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. will provide all of the costs for training and the dive surveys.

What do you have to loose? Pre- register today.

The registration form is attached:

2010 Scuba Diver Registration Application  uploaded as a Word Doc.

2010_Scuba_Diver_Registration_Application[1] uploaded as a Word Docx.

2010 Florida Reef Project registration uploaded as PDF

copy and paste on an e-mail and send to


A health checkup for Florida Reefs in 2010   3 comments

A health checkup for Florida Reefs in 2010

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. has launched it’s BETA website

an algae dominated reef

an algae dominated reef

We are entering this galaxy of challenges by “Thinking globally and acting locally.”

Introducing the 2010 Florida Reef Project. 

1st mission of Ocean Rehab Initiative is to establish a scientific baseline for coral reef eco-system health of the Southeast Florida reef tract utilizing the globally respected and transferable methodologies established by the Reef Check Foundation.

Florida divers should contact us to participate in the project. 

-of the Nine planets in the Solar System   1 comment


A living species in the Ocean

A living species in the Ocean

Only 1 Planet has a habitable Ocean in our Solar System, Earth.


Many scientists believe that outside of our Solar System in an unknown galaxy we could find another planet with an Ocean, and possibly even one that could sustain life.



But as for right now the only known planet in the Galaxy’s with a habitable Ocean is Mother Earth.

some good reading on this topic can be found here:

Protect the Oceans, for all that live on this Planet.