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Cato's Bridge Jupiter Island

Cato's Bridge Jupiter Island

This Thursday night during the Jupiter Drift Diver Club meeting
Dr. John Marr, the Director of the Perry Institute for Marine Science and the Caribbean Marine Research Center located on Lee Stocking Island will discuss the Oceans and Policy.
The meeting is free to attend please make the trip and join us.

The meeting starts at 7pm.

Jupiter Drift Divers presents:
Dr. John Marr, Executive Director
Perry Institute for Marine Science
John Marr is the executive director for the Perry Institute for Marine Science a not for profit based in Jupiter FL.   Dr. Marr is an environmental scientist and has served educational and governmental institutions, for profit consultancies, and non-profits.  John currently serves on several environmental foundation and advisory boards engaged in research and education programs that advance science and technology for the purpose of improving resource management and stewardship of our oceans.
Dr. Marr holds a Ph.D. in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming since 1994. Additionally John completed his M.S. in Aquatic Ecology from the University of Central Arkansas in 1988 and B.A. in Biology from Rhodes College in 1986.
Dr. Marr will be talking about important challenges we have in order to sustain the living resources of the oceans. He will discuss environmental threats, how we go about understanding the issues, and the solutions at hand and on the horizon. 
Thursday, March 5th at 7pm
 Community Room – Jupiter Fire Station
805 North U.S. Highway One, Jupiter , FL 33477 

It’s in the same parking lot as the Loxahatchee River Center and Burt Reynolds Park and Boat Ramp..

EarthRehab will have information regarding Coral Reef Monitoring and Reef Check available, just ask me… William.

Perry Institute for Marine Science
Jupiter Drift Divers


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