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Harmful Algae Blooms and the Caribbean 2009   1 comment

OceanRehab members and activists had the opportunity to learn about Caribbean HAB’s  at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. The speaker for the Scientific Lecture was Staff Marine Biologist and Professor Dr. Brian Lapointe.

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Great sea turtle photos   Leave a comment

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William Djubin of EarthRehab

Turtle Bluffs

Turtle Bluffs

Turtle Bluffs

Turtle Bluffs

OceanRehab in Beta phase   Leave a comment

Turtle Bluffs of Oahu North Shore

Turtle Bluffs of Oahu North Shore will become the Non-profit Coral Reef Initiative for the EarthRehab campaign.

This blog-site will be updated with our progress until the web-site and foundation go live in 2009.

Focus of the OceanRehab Coral Reef Initiative will be to collect scientific data to address critical habitats, endangered species, coral reef ecology, resiliency, and promote Marine Protected and Managed Areas.

Learn more about the EarthRehab campaign click  HERE.